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About Chambers County Jail, Alabama

Chambers County Jail, located in Alabama, is a correctional facility that operates under the jurisdiction of the Chambers County Sheriff's Office. The jail is responsible for housing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, serving short-term sentences, or awaiting transfer to other correctional facilities.

The facility aims to maintain a safe and secure environment for its inmates and staff. It provides essential services such as medical care, mental health support, and educational opportunities to the incarcerated individuals. The staff at Chambers County Jail includes trained correctional officers and other support personnel, such as medical and mental health professionals, who work together to manage the inmate population and ensure their well-being.

If you need to contact the Chambers County Jail or get information about an inmate, you can use the following contact information:

Chambers County Jail

Address: 105 Alabama Ave West, Lafayette, AL 36862

Phone: (334) 864-4337

For general inquiries, you can reach the Chambers County Sheriff's Office at:

Chambers County Sheriff's Office

Address: 2 S Lafayette St, Lafayette, AL 36862

Phone: (334) 864-4333


Please note that rules and regulations for visitation, mail, and phone calls may vary, and it is essential to check the facility's website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Inmate Roster

The Chambers County Jail inmate roster is a list of individuals who are currently incarcerated at the Chambers County Jail in Alabama. This roster typically includes information such as the inmate's full name, booking number, charges, bond amount, and other relevant details. The purpose of the roster is to provide the public with up-to-date information about individuals in custody and to assist friends, family members, and legal representatives in staying informed about the inmates' status.

In many jurisdictions, inmate rosters are made available online to facilitate easy access and searchability. The information on the roster is updated regularly to ensure its accuracy, but there may be occasional delays due to administrative or technical reasons.

To access the Chambers County Jail inmate roster, you may visit the Chambers County Sheriff's Office website or contact the jail directly. Please note that the availability and format of the inmate roster may change, so it is essential to verify the most recent information and follow any instructions provided on the website or by the jail staff.

When searching for an inmate on the roster, it is usually helpful to have some identifying information, such as the inmate's full name or booking number. This will help you narrow down the search results and quickly locate the individual you are looking for.

Keep in mind that rules and regulations governing inmate information may vary, and some information may not be publicly available due to privacy concerns or other restrictions. Additionally, remember that the information on the roster should be considered accurate at the time of the update but may change as new information becomes available.

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